Trade of the day 1 Jan 2011

Post match round up

A nice little  profit made from Spurs. And we had the option of trading out at 2-0 in West Ham for as good as scratch or holding out for a late goal from Wolves. Some did one, some did the other. Personally left profit on 2-1 West Ham so lost … TOTD stakes but made…… on Spurs trade………….

Aside that suggsy and we put forward a couple of SHS which paid handsomely in the championship, separate mail has gone out with regards to this strat.

Not a bad opening day to the year. Back tomorrow guys.

Afternoon all,

Happy New Year fellow traders. Bit late today, we normally get trades out around 11/12 so apologies. But straight into it!

Spurs v Fulham 15.00pm

With the 0-0 so high we can take some cheap insurance on LTD here. Spurs hold the edge over Fulham with 2 wins and a draw from the last 3.

LTD for…………
Back 0-0 for ………

Adjust stakes as per bank and confidence for both these trades and for any trades you don’t fancy for whatever reason don’t trade them!

West Ham v Wolves 15.00pm

West Ham are starting to put some results together and Wolves are struggling aside their win over Pool in the week.

  • Blackpool are the only team to stop West Ham from scoring at Upton Park in the Hammers’ last 13 Premier League home matches.
  • Victory in their last game at Anfield ended a run of seven consecutive away defeats for Wolves in the Premier League.
  • Wanderers have never won back-to-back games away from home in the Premier League.

Back 0-0 for………
Back 2-1 for……….
Back 2-2 for………

Ideally we’re looking for 1-1 here before 60 mins so we have both the 2-1 and 2-2 to play with……..

Adjust stakes as per bank and confidence and if you don’t like the look of either trade then don’t trade it!

Bingo and I will be in, plus we will be pooking at SHS at HT when the scores are 0-0. This strat continues to pull in the profits.

See you then.

~ by Juan on January 1, 2011.

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