Trade of the day Mon 10 Jan

Post match round up

A £1 a minute for some members, more for others, v nice! 3-0 as I write this 35 mins in. One the Nuggets got right and the markets were very wrong. Excellent.

Afternoon all,

We normally take Mondays off after a frenetic weekend but neither bingo or I will be available tomorrow night so there won’t be anything official then. So onto tonight. We will be doing something different tonight which is scalping the 1.5 to give us cover on the 1-1 and Overs.

An example of this was the Valencia game last night. Backing 1.5 at 4.7 at kick off the price was down to 4.3 inside a minute……This gave cover on the other side of the trade. Now whilst it doesn’t often come in as quickly as that you will find similar to the 2.5 drop of around 20-24 ticks in the first 10 the 1.5 will drop up to 40 ticks in the first 10 minutes of a game. And the safest time to scalp is the first 5 minutes…….Fewest % of goals are scored in the first 10 minutes.

As Traders scalping is an important part of trading. Many of our established members are now confident of scalping and make profits from it.

Hercules v Ath Madrid 20.00pm

  • These two sides have averaged 3 goals per game from their home/away games this season.
  • The last 9 out of 12 home/away would have won by backing Overs + 1-1.
  • Hercules are 6 from 8 at home for over 2.5. Ath are 4 from 8 away.


Back Over 2.5 for…..
Back 1-1 for…….

Scalp under 1.5, (stakes as per comfort levels, bingo and I will be in the room to advise).

See you in Vets around 7.45pm.

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on January 10, 2011.

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