Trade of the morning Fri 14 Jan

Yes, with our view to expand to other sports next month as per yesterday’s email and our first cricket tip we gave out some of our members have made enough on the one trade to pay for almost a months subs for lying in bed sleeping! Marvellous.

Will be back next hour or so with any unofficial trade for tonight (and pre match steamers for our members).

Not rejoined for the year? Here’s the link to do so.

~ by Juan on January 14, 2011.

One Response to “Trade of the morning Fri 14 Jan”

  1. Guys,

    Well I would never have thought of this! I followed the instructions and as soon as the game went in play I put my lay bets in for £200 each. Australia got off to a flier and after 3 overs my lay bet on them got matched. A few swift wickets saw the England odds drop swiftly and my lay bet on England got matched – they’re trading at 1.45 as I write this. So that’s £78.16 return, whoever wins!

    Thanks again. Genius.


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