Keeping records

An often overlooked facet of the trader`s daily business is the keeping of records. Like any business you need to keep track of what you are doing and how well you are doing. Since there are myriad ways of trading it is important that you are aware of what kind of trades work best for you. The strategies you use – does one technique work better than another? Do you know which strategy produces the best P/L?…….I thought not!

Help is at hand to rectify this oversight. One of our senior affiliate partners, Handy Andy, has come up with just the job. A record keeping spreadsheet that shows at a glance your results and shows clearly these results broken down by individual strategy used. Any sports market can be keyed in, not just football.

Use this valuable resource and cut out playing those same old trades that you think (but actually probably know deep down!) are working for you. Very reasonably priced you will undoubtedly recoup the outlay before you can say in that tired old voice”I think I`ll lay the draw”. Head on over to Andy`s site and check the Results Master out for yourselves.

~ by latraderette on January 17, 2011.

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