Trade of the day Mon 24 Jan

Morning all,

What an excellent weekend of trading with the official trades as well as some unofficial ones. Many made money from these PLUS some SHS, lay the draws and ‘other in play strats we use’ are really starting to sink in with members with many making some good returns. Throw in some pre match trading to the armoury and you have a battery of ammunition to tackle Football Trading.

As one member commented yesterday the Chat Community is the best around and worth the membership fee just on that. A great set of like minded, friendly, respectful traders. Members that have stuck with us are reaping the rewards and learning/gaining confidence on a daily basis.

Also a thanks to Vert who has been showing some tennis via webinars late into the night! Vert makes excellent returns from tennis trading so it makes sense to watch what he does and make some extra ££££ from the tennis.


No TOTD today. For newer members bingo and I tend to take mondays and thurs or fri off so official trades get sent out the other 5 days. Plenty of action tomorrow though so mails will go out late morning/lunchtime but feel free to drop into chat later as there are a couple of games on.

Lastly a quick plug about the next Seminar. Places are filling fast! It will be held in Manchester on 3 April. Deposits of £80 now will secure your place. More details below with Testimonials from the last one we did. Come and meet the Nuggets! We will trade a live game and go through aspects of trading to enhance your development. Plus we will buy the first drink in the bar after!

Bingo & Adster

~ by Juan on January 24, 2011.

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