AC Milan V Spurs Live trade and webinar

Thanks for being part of our live trade and webinar.

Our aim tonight is to take you through a trade and show you how simple it is to set up, execute and, ideally, profit from.

We at will never suggest that you can quit your job, buy an enormous house and an Aston Martin with all the money you will make from sports trading. Not every trade is a winner and that may be the case with our trade tonight.
What we will tell you is that we do profit overall (40% avg trade profit for 2011) and, because we have the best on-line trading community, we have a fantastic time doing so.

Tonight’s Trade – The CoverS strategy

The CoverS strategy is employed when we expect the game to have more that 2.5 goals. We open the trade on the Over 2.5 goal market and then cover or insure our trade by opening trades in the Correct Score market, (details and stakes below). Often we are able to end the trade (green up/profit) after one or two goals, timing is key but much of this will be explained in the webinar.

These are the stakes we shall be using. Whether you are trading with us, paper trading or just watching it would be worthwhile making a note of these.

In the Over 2.5 market, we are opening the trade on the Back side for £55

To cover/insure our trade in the Correct Score market we again opening on the back side of;

0-0 for £4
1-0 for £7
1-1 for £6
2-0 for £8

In order to join the Chat Room please use the link below. You will have two options, register for a free trial which gives you 14 days access plus all of our official trades or simply click on Training Room, choose a username and enter.

In order to join the webinar please use this link and follow the instructions.

We look forward to welcoming you to the community

Any problems email –

~ by latraderette on February 15, 2011.

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