Trade of the day Thurs 24 Feb

Post match roundup

A different trade which involved a greater degree of risk than we normally take. The potential reward is higher of course. The key to a successful trade is in its planning as well as the in-play execution. Forecasting various scenarios and anticipating what the odds movements will be requires skill and a small amount of luck. Timing of goals scored plays a significant part too. Last night Young Boys scored first which wasn`t a problem in itself as we had built in to the staking this possible eventuality. However, the goal came too early in the game thus the prices we wanted to effect certain lay bets in play were far too high. The maths never really added up and we were forced to deal with danger scores for the whole match. 2-1 in particular was a big concern. In the end we lost 10% instead of the £40 -£50 green hoped for

On a more postive note the SHS strategy – join us to find out precisely what this means! – continues to dazzle with a strike rate of 62%

Afternoon traders,

After much discussion, there will not be any official trades for this evening. However, Bingo will be trading the Zenit v Young Boys game at 4pm with live webinar (no audio), the details for this trade are below, the webinar link will be given in the chat room.

This evening we shall enter the realm of hunting in-play opportunities. Spotting opportunities during the game is great for building confidence as a trader, as long as you act on them. When you spot something, knowing which market to use is also a great skill to have. If you fancy the Home side to score, do you back them? lay the away side or just go for 1-0? The important thing is to do something. If you’re not sure though, just shout, that’s why we’re here.

Those that took Adster’s tip of backing SA in the cricket World Cup, well done they were trading at 6.2. They are now at 5.4. We hope many of you got on.

Trade details

Back Young Boys for at 10’s

Lay Young Boys in the “To Qualify” market for

Back 0-0 for £20

(Reduce stakes to suit)

See you for KO

~ by Juan on February 24, 2011.

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