Trade of the day Mon 28 Feb

What a great month from the Nugget Boys. If you’d joined the service following our trades you’d be well over £400 in profit and that on advised stakes, some of our members are on double, triple and even 10 times advised, so do the maths…….

Nothing today. For our newer trialists we generally trade 5 days a week and take mon and either thurs/fridays off. Plenty of action and games tomorrow though looking at the card and of course even though there isn’t an official TOTD tonight there will still be many members in both rooms swapping ideas/stats/strats in order to generate some profit.

We have always tried to encourage members to maximise the chat rooms as they are there to learn, gain confidence, experience and to pick up some ££££ even when the Nugget Crew aren’t in. These rooms are open 24/7 for ANY sport.

Only 3 places left for the Seminar on 2 April. Details below. Been in touch with Darren of Bet72 who will have sort some free bets out plus we will be trading a live game. AND for attendees will be two excellent new videos on Scalping and a Clint, (with a cheeky little scalping method shown which will make plenty of money.) So BOOK your place now as there is a good chance this will be our last one. Members receive 15% off too.


Back tomorrow, enjoy your day.


~ by Juan on February 28, 2011.

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