Do you have the discipline to take the green?

This author wasn’t in our trading room yesterday. Christenings and family dinners meant a day off from behind the desk. Fortunately though,  I was able to see the 2nd half  of the Arsenal v Liverpool game, a potential league winner/loser, at said family’s house. After watching for about 15 minutes and knowing Arsenal just had to win, I was very confident a goal would come, confident also that it might be a penalty, Arsenal’s game and pen record being fairly high for the season, (I did show off a bit). Dripping lays on to the draw from 2’s down, 1.75, 1.5 and 1.25, the family ran to the room fearing something terrible had happened to me as I jumped and wailed after seeing Andre Mariner pointing to the spot in the 97th minute. A very well despatched penalty from RVP, at such a late point, meant all my lays had been matched and for just a few minutes work, my trading bank was nicely increased.

Now, according to the clock, there were just 40 seconds left to play in the additional 8 minutes. I could secure green  there and then by backing 1-1 at 17’s, ( I was trading on my phone, so no green up software) or I could let it run.

It would not surprise me to learn that Mr. Mariner had a Stoke win/Arsenal draw double as, from somewhere unknown, he found another 3 minutes, within which time he granted Liverpool a penalty, rightly IMO though the time should have ensured the opportunity never arose, and they made the game 1-1. Mr. Mariner blowing the whistle immediately after the restart… to secure his double.

This post is not about good or bad refereeing, the point of this post is for you to ask yourself a question – Would you let it run or would you green up? Brian Clough famously said “It only takes a second to score a goal…” If that’s all it takes, I’ll stick to greening up, no matter how little time is left on the clock. I backed 1-1 at 17’s, boy, was I glad I did.

~ by latraderette on April 18, 2011.

One Response to “Do you have the discipline to take the green?”

  1. Well done. I also put some money on 1-1 at the end @ 15´s 8 (after the free kick).

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