Progressive trading

Having been pert of for some time, both as a subscriber and now as part of the team, I have seen many people’s trading skills improve enormously. Never though, has it hit home as much as yesterday afternoon, during the Forest v Leicester game.

Having suggested a particular trade to our members in the chat room, backing Forest with cover on draw and Leicester scores, a good number of them entered the markets to do the same, knowing we would be on hand to walk them through the trade, should it go pear shaped, because that’s what we do at

As hoped and expected, Forest scored. Unfortunately, before we had chance to fully review our options, Leicester went and equalised. Half time 1-1 and we were able to take cover on 1-2 and still be at scratch if 1-1 was the final score. It was at this point that some members decided to do their own thing. Closing the Match Odds market for no loss and trading solely on the Correct Score market, particularly around the 2-2. Earnshaw made it 2-1 to Forest on 73 mins, only for Vassell (an inspired substitution from his greatest advocate) to make it 2-2 just 90 seconds later. Fantastic for those members who did their own thing around 2-2, not so great for those of us on Forest. However, McKenna scored only his second goal of the season to make it 3-2 on 84 mins. Those members on Forest were able to exit for a small green, those on 2-2 had already greened up.

Great results all round – But, the really great thing about this trade was the confidence some of our members had to close the original trade and make their own moves within the CS market. We have seen so many newbies join and become great traders in their own right. It’s an enormous testament to and the trading community it provides. If you’re not involved with, you really should be by now.

Stay green, traders.

~ by latraderette on April 23, 2011.

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