Chasing green & catching red – The dangers of over-trading

Football can be traded 24/7, 364 days a year. When one league ends another begins. For a full time football trader this is great news but with so much availability for trading, it’s hard to know when to stop. When first becoming full time, this trader got up early, studied until midday, then traded long into the night, looking for the next trade and the next and the next, not knowing or realising this was entirely counter productive.

Over-trading is a serious danger whether you are part time or pro. If you’re part time but spend every evening and weekend trading, you’re neglecting a great many important things. If you’re full time and have a regime like mine above, you are guaranteed to burn out… You must have balance.

If you are new to trading, over-trading holds even greater danger. Many new traders are old gamblers and bring with them the very habits they wish to quit, like chasing losses, not quitting while ahead and the never ending hunt for the thrill of another winning bet. The quickest ways to empty your trading account.

On a Saturday afternoon the coupon will have a huge amount of games available to trade. You can’t study all of them, you can’t trade all of them, so why try? Organise your trading time. Allocate X amount of time to study and X amount of time to trade the game(s) you’ve studied and make sure you enjoy both aspects. Once that time has passed, go and do something else. There will always be more football and more opportunities…

Stay green.

~ by latraderette on May 3, 2011.

One Response to “Chasing green & catching red – The dangers of over-trading”

  1. It’s very true – for me most of the matches loss saturnday and sunday

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