Smaller haystacks

Many teams have reached the point in the season where their motivation is on the wane. They’ve reached safety, have no need to push for anything, don’t want to risk injury and are looking forward to a summer break. Many traders view this time of year as more difficult to trade because the angles are more difficult to find.  The number of fixtures today is the same as any other Saturday, these “Nothing to play for” games actually help us sieve out the rubbish and concentrate on the games that really do offer good trading.

In the Premiership, six teams are currently fighting for survival and each of their games will present decent opportunities. Tomorrow’s title clash has already yielded green. With the market really not sure which way it will go, prices are fluctuating all the time. The 0-0 has come in yet so has 2-1. Ryan Giggs has been quoted as saying Utd will not play for a point, Chelsea may not have any choice. This season Utd are unbeaten at home with only two draws from 24 games.

Sifting the wheat from the chaff is what traders spend most days doing. When leagues and seasons get to this point, that job is already done for you, the haystack becomes that much smaller…

Stay green.

~ by latraderette on May 7, 2011.

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