Knowing the way out as opposed to finding it

Yesterday’s title clash was a great spectacle. advised a number of winning trades on the game but one of the trades done live was a CS Jobby, trading certain score lines, of which 2-1 was one. As such, any reader might be forgiven for thinking this trade was a winner, sadly not. The early goal, growing impetus and then another earlyish goal meant running for cover. Laying U5.5 goals for our entire stake then covering other scores as they reached decent prices and as the game went on was more than necessary.

The markets expected a low scorer and most were expecting a cagey start to the game. The early goal was not the catalyst for making moves, we’ve seen many games with a very early goal finish with just that goal, but the second was a definite trigger to begin executing the exit plan – This is the key point, we’ve posted about it before, having an exit plan. When trading the Correct Score market, you’re only real danger is very early goals. This author takes out enough insurance on 0-0 to cover the trade’s entire stake plus a bit more, which makes covering scores later that much easier. But, when the goals come early, that 0-0 stake is dead and the rest of the stake is in jeopardy too. Knowing where you are going to go, should this happen, is the key to trading CS properly. Because the markets were expecting a low scorer, the higher .5 goal markets were, as expected, still cheap. Once that cover has been taken, any continued flurry of goals is catered for and you can concentrate on covering score lines you do not already have. When the CS market goes against you, it becomes a very intense, focussed trade but having the exit plan in place and knowing which prices on which score lines you need, to find scratch at worst, ensures no need for concern. We did find scratch and another goal either way would have been profit, in the end. But when it goes against you, always be grateful for a scratch.

Stay green.

~ by latraderette on May 9, 2011.

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