Drop it like it’s hot

We posted recently about getting out when green is available, the Arsenal v Liverpool was the example.

This week there have been two other very good examples of why you should always get out with profit when you can. On Thursday we suggested backing Forest with CS cover, in the Play-Off first leg. Most of you will know, 52 seconds into the game Taylor committed an offence and was dismissed. The odds on Forest nose-dived and within three minutes of KO and without a goal being scored, we were in a green position. Now, everything is in our favour at this point. The side we want to win have a massive advantage, the likelihood of our insurance scores coming into play is remote so, why not let it run? The answer is simple – because in football you never know what might happen. We greened up for around 12% ROI and watched the game play out to a 0-0, with Swansea looking the more likely for most of the remainder.

Yesterday there was an odd looking fixture in Serie B. The league leaders Siena were away to, two points from the drop, Ascoli. Siena were only ahead on goal difference so needed the points. The market made Ascoli 1.64. We laid and took cover in CS. Siena went 0-1 up at 20 minutes, leaving scratch at worst. They went 0-2 up on 64 minutes, their price plummeted and we greened – TFFT. On 71 minutes Ascoli stuck one in for 1-2, on 88 minutes they equalised, then in the 93rd minute they got their winner. Gamblers bet, traders trade. When it’s there, take it. You just never know.

Stay green.

~ by latraderette on May 14, 2011.

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