It’s the little things that matter

My wife tells me this all the time.., however, it is very true.

When you look at anything in life, it is made up of smaller parts that form a greater whole. Don’t worry, we’re not going into philosophy or existentialism but this is fact. The team on the park is made up of 11 players, each with their individual role. Remove one of those players and the whole is compromised. Obviously you are free to subscribe to this thinking or not but if you apply this thinking to your trading, it can have a massive impact on your success.

When you see a mechanic or a doctor they will go through a Q & A session with you to try and pin point where the issue lies and what it is exactly. This author used this approach when first beginning trading and does so now, at the end of every trading session. Rather than broad questions like “What was good about that trade?”, try and be more specific;

How much more could I have profited? Was my staking as good as it could’ve been? Was I over cautious with my insurance? Did I green too early? What other opportunities did the game have? Why did I miss them?

These are just a few. You know your trading and your trading  habits better than anyone else, try writing down ten questions that are most relevant to you and answer those questions at the end of every session. If you do this, you will begin to pin point the areas of your trading that need attention, making your “whole” trading that much better by improving the smaller parts.

Stay green.

NB. Some people still use the term “bet” when entering the market, try replacing “bet” with “opening” or “entering”, silly little things like this, over time, will assist in how you think about your interaction with the markets overall.

~ by latraderette on May 20, 2011.

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