Barcelona – The best club team to ever play football.

When mulling over writing this post, this author endeavoured to make comparisons between the Utd and Barcelona squad. Barcelona appear to have a legend in every position, real, true footballing quality all over the park. When going through the Utd side, there were only three players who might be considered in the same category. Vidic, Rooney and Giggs. Vidic was run ragged for the entire game. Despite his goal, Rooney spent most of the night as the proverbial headless chicken and Giggs, without whom Utd would not have come close to winning the Prem and who has, in latter years, become the Utd midfield general, was made to look very ordinary indeed by the quite staggeringly brilliant Iniesta, who controlled every aspect of the game, whether Barca had the ball or not.

Following the game, some half-wit of a journalist contradicted himself by saying Barcelona are the best club in the world, border on the unbeatable and can anyone ever stop them? Then suggested the Utd performance had highlighted the gulf in quality between the English and Spanish leagues. The gulf in quality between Barcelona and any other team, including those in La Liga, is the issue. As long as they play like they did last night, long may they reign.

Whilst the markets as a whole were unsure of what the game might hold, the team got it right. Trading Correct Score to a very nice green for all involved…

Whatever your trade was/will be, stay green.

~ by latraderette on May 29, 2011.

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