Who is? Who Ain’t? Who’ll win? Who won’t? Who cares?

So the bullshi*t begins. The recent headlines are all about who’s not going here and who is going there and, of course, we eventually find that player X is actually going where he said he wouldn’t etc, etc. The whole theatre of it used to be quite entertaining, now, frankly, it’s become rather tedious. When considering the new season, too much emphasis is placed upon the new players within each team and the effect they should have in the overall performance of that team.

It’s no surprise the longest serving managers in the Premier League are of the most successful. Chelsea and Man City have made attempts to purchase glory and, though they have had some success, they are both lacking.

City are yet to find that all important team spirit, perhaps this new season will see them playing less as individuals and a lot more as a unit. Carlos Tevez’s decision to leave is a great loss to them and English football.

Chelsea have their umpteenth manager in as many years. Villas-Boas, hailed as the new Chosen One, the poor boy won’t know what’s hit him come August 14th. For his sake, I hope they can at least get a point at Stoke.

As ever, Fergie has made shrewd moves and still hunts an additional replacement for Scholes, another loss to English football. Sir Alex does something I am yet to see any other manager pull off – He takes a team whose form is questionable, in comparison to themselves, and makes them win anyway. What he also does better than any other manager is build from the bottom up. Go back over the  Utd sides of the last 20 years, all through you will see the foundations for later teams being laid. The title winning Utd side of last season will, in this trader’s opinion, be a class above this next season.

A reputation for going on a run post Xmas, last season we advised our members to back United early in January. That opportunity may or may not arise again but a back now and with a view to add to it later will be this authors move.

King Kenny’s boys should be much better this season and are definitely worth a close eye.

Personally, more chance is given to Spurs (currently 50’s), than Arsenal (10’s). If Wenger loses one or both of Nasri and Fabregas, the Gunners price will lengthen. The suspected loss of Modric should not be as damaging to Spurs’ chances.

Whoever or whatever you trade, stay green.

(This author is a Chelsea fan btw)



~ by latraderette on July 12, 2011.

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