How to beat the field when the English summer “rains”

Well, we don’t think anyone could be unhappy about Darren Clarke winning at the weekend, even if we weren’t with him. The weather did eventually run riot with scores and Clarke, who plays that type of weather beaten golf all day, everyday at Port Rush, certainly made that experience count.

Whilst we weren’t with Darren, we did have a very good tournament. Here’s a run down…
Two lays of McIlroy advised @ 9’s and 15’s
Back of Westwood advised at 16’s, trade out available at 9’s
Back of Kaymer advised at 28’s, trade out available at 10’s
Back of Stricker advised at 32’s, trade out available at 18’s
Back of Bubba Watson advised at 75’s, trade out available at 30’s
Back of Tom Lewis advised at 48’s, trade out at 38’s (in Chat)
Back of Kuchar – loss
Back of Watney – loss
A great four days of trading.
Also a well done to Suggsy, who suggested a back of Mickelson at 55’s. A great trade if you took, as this trader did, the available lay price yesterday of 2.42.
Stay green.

~ by latraderette on July 18, 2011.

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  1. Just blog walking and read your post, thanks for sharing

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