Morning all,


It’s very satisfying when you advise a lay of the draw or 1-1 and you pick up the maximum return of 100% roi. This happened last night after a few members had gone in the Thor game in Iceland. Chances were pouring down so Adster advised laying the 1-1, (some did the draw). When we had a goal disallowed it was looking a 1-1 result and a loss. BUT the last few mins saw 2-1 and a Full Monty where lays at 2.8, 2.4, 2s, 1.7 and 1.4 were matched, marvellous. With so many late goals being scored these days this strat will come into its own this season. Great to see 51 in and the buzz/atmosphere. We have many members returning and regularly getting 70-80 in most nights last season. Our record is 120 which we’re out to beat! A comment from a new member last night.






On that note we will send out a free spreadsheet tomorrow which shows the results from last season and a £348 profit made in 6 weeks using lays of £25 for the draw. A strike rate of 66%, which is excellent am sure you’ll agree. This spreadsheet we will give free to members to use for the new season and profit like Suggsy, Adster, Bingo, JB, Lamb etc and many other TF subscribers. So if you’ve not joined this alone would be worth a months subs, believe us. Link below.


Other games last night we had 1 winner, 1 losing Homer.


Winning FIP in FC Inter.


Winner from our resident Norwegian maestro Thomas in Fredrickstad game.


Our new tweaked Clint where we jumped on overs for 50% at 1.70 saw us green the 2.5 in two games leaving us a free run at the 5.5 market. Games ended 2-0 and 2-1. Scratch trades.


Liquidity looks an issue today, two Finnish games should have goals and the Clint50 could be used there, also Bpool v Rangers should have goals. If we see anything it will be posted on Messageboard.


Cheers for now.



~ by Juan on July 19, 2011.

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