What are you paying for?

Further to a thread on a very good, trading related forum, we wanted to take the issue a bit further. Not wishing to spam the readers of said forum, we have done it here instead.

Rarely do we use this blog as an outright marketing platform for tradingfootball.eu, however, in this instance, it is entirely necessary and relevant. The above is a simple question, when you consider the services you currently subscribe to, what are you paying for?

Are your services sending you emails with trade suggestions, telling you what the entry and exit points should be? That’s helpful, if you want to take the automaton approach. But where is the learning, where’s the enjoyment? And what have they based that trade on? It might make perfect sense but equally it might be complete codswallop.

The tradingfootball.eu objective, mission statement, mantra whatever you want to call it, has always been to assist anyone who wishes to learn more about trading football markets. Our endeavour is always to help reduce the number of mistakes traders, of any experience level, make. And we are confident we have done that for a great many people. Yes, we do suggest trades but we always tell members why. During those trades we will ask what members think we should be doing next, this ensures they are thinking laterally about the markets and how they work. Ours is a sharing community and we learn from each other every day and these are the things our members pay for.

We would never suggest anyone drop a good service, few people continue with a bad one. Instead, research the games that are sent, understand the common denominator, then apply those filters to other games. Very soon you will have a much greater understanding of who, what, when and why that service is sending that trade suggestion. Then you can ask if it’s necessary to continue to pay for it.

Stay green.



~ by latraderette on August 1, 2011.

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