A fantastic start to the season

What a weekend! Some fantastic football and equally good trading.

The anticipation leading up to 7.45pm on Friday was almost palpable. Blackpool’s price was inviting but, with nothing to go on other than a hunch, this author happily watched the game unfold. Hull never looked like scoring but Blackpool bossed the game from start to finish, making a late 0-0 lay a confident trade. They duly obliged and this trade set the theme for the weekend.

Saturday started quietly with many of us feeling our way back into the markets and treading cautiously into leagues with little or no form behind them. By 3pm though, we were back in full swing and pulling in-play opportunities one after the other. Too many trades going on to list here but it was certainly a successful day.

After last season’s drubbing by Celtic, Aberdeen were always out to shut the door and did well to go to HT 0-0. As soon as the second half got under way, Celtic had them on the back foot. Keeping an eye on the stats and watching them build, we again employed the 0-0 lay and Celtic slotted home the winner very soon after. A great start to the day.

On to West Ham where a similar story unfolded, though the game was a lot more equal. The Hammers looked to be shading it and, with the stats reaching the right levels, we, yes – you guessed it, drip laid 0-0 and Kenny Miller’s super late winner ensured all our lays were matched for another great profit.

By this time the Community Shield was under way and, with the aid of two TV’s, it was plain that the game could go either way, then Lescott soared above everyone else and guided a great header for City to go 1-0 up, Dzeko made it 2-0 with a long ranger that left Sir Alex thinking Oh Dear over De Gea. We laid City at around 1.23 and, when the 2nd half began, thought wed done our money as Fergie sent on some debutants, it looked like he was using the game for training. How wrong we were. The inspired substitutions completely changed the game and all the emphasis was placed on the City goal. A great free kick from Young, leading to an even better finish from Smalling got Utd back in the game and immediately the City price flew out. Knowing they had momentum, we left the City lay in and Nani finished a beautiful Utd move to make it 2-2. No way Utd would lose now, the lay was in until the death and at 90 minutes we laid the 2-2 very cheaply, our new best friend Kompany then gifted the ball to Nani who guided majestically past Joe Hart for yet another winning trade for the tradingfootball.eu community. (We also laid the draw and backed 2-2 for a nice Arb, but we don’t want to show off…)

We hope you had a great weekend’s trading too.

Stay green.


~ by latraderette on August 8, 2011.

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