Oh, for Cup’s sake!

This author has long subscribed to the idea that the FA should be staffed by  real football fans, not corporate donuts who might end up running Royal Mail in a couple of years. This week is a really good example of why… Tonight sees a string of pointless, entirely unnecessary, international friendlies. Who exactly do they benefit? Certain managers will be particularly glad the rioters have scuppered the England game, as their players will now be injury free and desperate for the Premiership games, though they too may be scuppered by the rioters…

Anyway, the donuts at the FA also decided it would be a good idea to have some spurious Cup games in the first  few days of the season. Too many games on the schedule? No such thing. We just need some brains behind the scheduling.

Still, there is one benefit, you get to use these games to experiment a bit. Based on upsets usually occurring and teams generally trying to get the game done in 90 minutes. Applying some loose-ish filters, 7 draws were laid, with one in-play instruction, trade out at 70 minutes unless there was a two goal lead, and leave the red on the draw. Kurr-ching! Only Preston looked like a worry, with an equaliser on 84 minutes but they were good enough to score a winner on 90 minutes. 3 scratches, 4 winners… Now, am I likely to start laying every draw on the coupon that fits the loose-ish filters? We’ll see.

~ by latraderette on August 10, 2011.

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