Everyone in the green room yesterday would now have added some decent £££££ to their Betfair accounts. We had a great day!

TOTD – Swindon – Clint – Winner

Handy Andy – Homer – Scotland – Winner

Adster – MK Dons – Clint – Winner

Bingo – Notts C – HT/FT Malarkey – Winner

Adster – Atvid – Clint – Winner

And 2 out of 3 winners on the nags from Bingo!

For those trading the Fluminese game last night at 10pm a bizarre event happened. At 0-1 to the dog, the 0-2 price was available to back at 40s!!!! Yes 40s!!! Even the 0-3 was only 30s. Many of our sharp members backed it at 40s and layed it at 15s a few mins later for a tasty profit. Many were on a Clint and with the price that high it was Happy Days! Was the guy drunk, stupid or confused?! Who knows, funnily enough the game was 0-2 until fairly late so he/she would have been v nervous for want of a polite term! Game ended 3-2 with a late flurry from Fluminese.

As for today, card is dire, am looking at Sampdoria and 14.00pm and Palmeiras at 20.00pm. So let’s look at these nearer the time when liquidity picks up and other Italian games at 14.00pm as at least one of the nuggets will be in chat.

Attached, a happy newbie.



~ by Juan on September 4, 2011.

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