Welcome to our Blog on trading  football markets on the betting exchanges. As usual in times of economic crisis, it is the leisure industry which seems not to suffer, and no more so than the world of gambling. Betfair, the world’s leading betting exchange provider, have reported a 27% increase in turnover this year with nearly 5 million transactions passing through their software platform every day.

More than half of those transactions are made on the football markets making this sport a fascinating area in which to trade. This last word is important. The purpose of this blog is to offer advice on how to trade, not bet, on football matches.

The site will post daily a strategy to employ on a particular match being played that afternoon or evening. After the result is known a further entry will be posted to show whether the trade advised was profitable or not.

Happy Trading

The Nugget Crew

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Adam Ersser is a full-time trader living in Surrey.   Sport is  his passion, trading is his business. His insight & success  in trading particularly the football markets has been well documented on the Racing Traders’s Forum. He also dabbles in the currency markets and travels the country training would be traders or intermediary traders wanting to improve their skills in the comfort of their own homes or via skype.

His soon to be achieved dream of earning his crust with this trading mularkey will see him in a poolside lounger somewhere in the world where it doesn’t rain all the time. A laptop & beer will be his close companions, “happy days” his motto.

frenchmanDick Stanley is a retired Public Relations director  who five years ago discovered Betfair and a young french lawyer who miraculously married this rosé guzzling Londoner. Esconsed in a small to medium chateau in the south of France, Bingo Little (as his pseudonym appears in the above mentioned forum) trades the horses in the afternoon, trades  football every evening and lies in bed most of the morning.

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