To those of you who are not familiar with our service drop in anytime and see what all the fuss is about.
Actually what it is about, quite simply, is that you follow the Pro Traders` trading football advice and make money…….

…….It is the start of the 2010/2011 season and we have been in operation now for exactly one year
Hundreds of matches traded, fortunes not won, nor lost, but the P/L figures show a steady profit nonetheless.
We are obviously doing something right.

The video collection has received excellent reviews so new editions will continue to be a part of our future plans. The chat room likewise has proved to be a success, in no small part due to the generosity of spirit, friendly co-operation and just downright spiffing attitude of you, the participants. The live webinar concept, not withstanding the occasional technical problems, is an additional resource that our members benefit from. To the best of our knowledge no other online sports trading service offers this.

As with any business, it is vital to keep reappraising the model, adopting new ideas, striving to improve the quality of service and products offered. So we have come up with a new proposition that incorporates all of the above – and more!

A membership package will include the following:

  • Chat Room Open 24/7. Pre match analysis and live trading with at least one of the 2 Pro Nuggets
  • Live trading webinars Watch in real time the Pro Trader`s Betfair screen as he trades “in-play”
  • Free 6 new videos Videos tutorials showing different trading football strategies. Available for viewing & download
  • Trading articles section Text documents covering a wide range of trading matters
  • 2 Pro Traders Hands on advice and support from the 3 full time Pro Traders in the Nugget Crew
  • Forum dedicated to Football trading Discussion and exchange of ideas/strategies
  • Blog with daily trades of the day Daily journal of proposed trades with news updates and monthly results section
  • Multi-lingual Email support on trading queries Drop us a line about anything you need to know. English/French/Italian/Portuguese/Dutch
  • Guest appearences by other sports Pro Traders Horse Racing/Tennis… tips and advice on sports trading other than football
  • Risk free trading explained – profit from Bookie bonuses Free bet offers with detailed expanation of risk free betting
  • Specific Tutorial webinars – scalping/using insurance/exotic markets….    Master classes on specific aspects of trading football


  1. I see that you’ve done a couple of sessions the last two nights in the Paltalk room, are they “Scheduled” sessions or are there other informal sessions when you just happen to be trading in addition to the Scheduled ones? Also, what time do you usually notify about sessions by e-mail as that will affect the address I need to give you, ie home or work? Looking forward to joining you for a live session.

  2. Hi!!How can i became a membership?thanks

  3. I´m tempted in subscribe your service, but since you only accept new subscriptions till day 7 each month, next month I’m only available after 6pm each day. So what I want to ask is if you select more often games for those hours.
    Thank you

  4. Hi, You mentioned previously about having a free trail of your services. I am very keen to sign up for a months subscription but would like to trial it for a period of time. You replied to me recently regarding this.


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