Regular readers of this blog will have noticed a lack of updates on the results pages.
This is nothing to do with embarassment at revealing poor returns but simply that the new format of how & when trades are proposed. The original TOTD has given way to the greater impact of inplay propositions. As such it is impossible to monitor and record all of these on a daily basis.
On any given night or weekend afternoon, as many as 10 trades could be flagged up not just by Bingo & Adster but increasingly by the members in the chat rooms.
The largely positive feedback on this new format has meant we will continue the service along these lines. This is not to say that newer members or those thinking of signing up will not receive support or trading advice. This will always be integral to the benefits that members enjoy.
Why not take a look for yourself by signing up for a 14 day trial – and judge the results first hand:

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