We are trading football matches live and the sometimes complex nature of the trades and positions taken mean we need to be extremely focused on what we’re doing. This is a part of the psychology of trading. It is your responsibilty to develop the right mindset for the task at hand. Be positive, be disciplined and be confident.

But what is undeniable is that additional software is vital for your success as a trader.

There are a number of sofware products that work with a direct API interface to the Betfair platform. Three stand out from the crowd. BetTrader Evolution, Bet Angel and The geeks Toy. In our trading office we use 2 of these so there is no special advertising plug for any of them. EVO & BAP offer a free trial period and excellent customer support. The Geeks Toy is free and has a dedicated forum with some serious trading analysis on show. Go to the links section on the right of the page for more details


6 Responses to “SOFTWARE”

  1. Hello. Wich one is better for a novice trader?

    • Both software packages do a good job. I use BetTrader for several reasons.
      1) Very fast bet submission
      2) Easy to use interface
      3) Ladder version is brilliant for horse trading
      4) The owner, Adam Todd, is very approachable, thoroughly decent bloke who helps beginners a lot. You can learn much from studying his videos
      5) Mention my name, Bingo Little, and he will give you some free minutes to try the software out

      My apologies for the late response to your question

  2. I’ve got a apple mac for my sins is there any software available for max OS?

    • Hi Steve,

      You should be able to get into the chat room, i know a couple of other guys can who have apples. As for software, am sure Bet Angel would be fine and you could also look at Bet Trader software, that might be possible too.

  3. For a half of year now, market has been conquered by another excellent application, which is, in addition to having all the features of paid applications, completely free of charge. It is customizable a hell lot more than any other application, looks faster, easier to set and to use, and their forum is very lively place, where you can get a lot of advices not only on using the application, but also generally on trading; its name is Geeks Toy, may I wholeheartedly recommend you to try it!

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