There will be a daily entry on this blog giving the reader our thoughts on a particular football match to be played either in the afternoon or evening. A Japanese morning game may be covered but unlikely as the authors will no doubt be in the land of nod after the success & excess of the previous night!

The format is simple enough. A game is selected with the specific criteria that we feel accommodates one out of a number of our tried & tested strategies. It could be a straightforward “lay the draw” technique or the more complex combo of the Correct score & Asian Handicap markets.

Stake amounts and anticipated profits are given in pounds sterling. A post match analysis will be posted as soon as possible after the match result is known.

Please feel free to leave a comment either with praise or criticism but we would ask you to refrain from personal abuse. We will sometimes get it wrong. If we had a crystal ball, frankly, we wouldn’t be here trying to find that edge, squeeze out some value here & there, crunching the numbers to put things in our favour. There are no guarantees in the world of gambling but with some sound honest advice from a couple of seasoned pros we’re sure we can make you a few quid.

Happy trading

The Nugget Crew

13 Responses to “TRADE OF THE DAY”


  2. were is cs

    thnks aglaia

  3. what is cs,AVQ,FAV,GLS


  4. what is
    coverS,NAC,BTTS,NN .where on the site is registered.If there are Greek-speaking part;


  5. when you start the new season to make register, if there is a Greek-speaking part

  6. Hi mate, no Greek speaking part, we have many members from overseas, not sure about Greek though. The trade of the day we send out can be translated into Greek and the chat room is very user friendly as long as you know the basic English which you appear too.



  7. Bingo/Adster, I keep reading about a ‘Green Book’ Do we get that as well when we join ?

  8. Hi fellows! Would you let me know what is Nugget Green Book about? Does it describes all your video trading tutorials or has been some different from them?

    • Hi Avas

      The Nugget Green Book has all sorts of tips/bits of info that comes in very useful for trading the football markets. Many of our members use this regularly to add profits to their membership trades of the day. we offer it free with membership.

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