Let’s be upfront straightaway and remind you that the art of trading, whether it is practiced on the world’s stock exchanges or, like us, on sports markets, is a skill that requires time, patience and effort to master.

This blog is not promising you that a Ferrari will be parked on your driveway next week. We are, however, confident that the information and advice we give out daily will add some extra cash to your bank account.

But blogs like this one, training self-help manuals, books for dummies, myriads of internet forums do have certain limitations.

So for those of you who wish to take your apprenticeship to a higher level a training course may be of interest.

Training Seminars

Personised training courses at venues throughout the UK.
A six hour seminar consisting of in-depth theory and trading a live match

Inter relation of markets
Pre-match trading
Money Management
Live Match
Trade a match live using one of the strategies discussed
Bedford Saturday 13 November 2010, (Places still available)

Free e-book
Free videos
Free month membership
Free System Betnotes, (available in various languages and soon to be web based)

More details can be found below:

4 Responses to “TRAINING”

  1. wenn will the book be available again?


    (molly 2009)

  2. A few questions!
    1. When will the (free) videos be made available, and how?
    2. Will we be advised via email of upcoming trading sessions?
    3. How do the Webinar sessions work i.e. are they audio/visual or just on or the other?

    • As paid members to the service 2 free videos will go out over the course of the month, one in first 2 weeks, and one in second week.

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