Live Trading Room

Live trading  offers the serious trader the opportunity to trade football matches “in-play” alongside the pros.

Two venues are used. The Paltalk Room and The Webinar Conference room both of which are open simultaneously to attendees. You simply switch from one to another when you like with one click of your mouse


This room offers the attendee the facility to ask questions and chat with other guests. The sessions conducted here focus on not only a specific football match being traded but also other sports. The presenter will be scouring the betting exchange markets in search of trading opportunities to exploit. Horse racing tips, information on Cricket and tennis matches….if we spot any value you will be the first to know

Webinar Conference

Using state of the art software this venue is used to host one football match only. Details of the trade proposed will be sent to registered attendees on the morning of the game, clealy outlining the strategy specifically selected. Enry & exit points will be given along with instructions on how to deal with varying scenarios as the match unfolds.

Crucially, this room allows the presenter to share his destop with the attendees. Simply put, you can see the host`s Betfair screen and follow in real time the trades being executed.  Ooh, I say! Marvellous stuff.

  • Step by step advice & help while trading the “live” match
  • Text document detailing the match to be traded, the strategy to be employed, the entry & exit points advised & stakes to be used. This document will be sent to your e-mail address on the morning of the day’s or evening’s selected game
  • A session consists of at least one football match, very often two at the weekend

For pricing details please contact us here

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