Video Previews

To view previews of over 30 videos please follow this link

7 Responses to “Video Previews”

  1. Would like to know more about your videos, like price, available date, etc.

  2. Hi MM,

    Have sent you an email. :0) Videos should be ready within 2 weeks. Just finalising them and adding as much content as we can. Be at least 3 hours with many different strategies explained as we trade them. All at a very reasonable price. Certainly improve many traders skill levels.

  3. Can you give me more information about your videos, strategy, pricing and training
    Thank you

    • Hi Joel,

      We have another site with all the prices etc but as wordpress is non commercial we are not allowed to post here. Feel free to use the contact tab and send us an email and I will send you all the relevant details.



  4. […] La preparazione della serie dei video procede spedita. Per tutti coloro che volessero avere un assaggio dei materiali prodotti vi allego due link a cui fare riferimento per avere un’anteprima […]

  5. Hi,
    Could you send me more info about your videos please? I’m especially interested in Nugget Nibble and the XT Starter vids.


    • Hi David

      The videos show both strategies in action. They can be purchased individually or as a package. Most people buy a package which comes with a months membership which pays for the videos over that time.

      Hope this helps. feel free to email us at for anything else.

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