Video Collection Testimonials

If you haven`t already bought the video collection please read some of the reviews below and then go smartly to your Paypal account and buy yourself/wife/friend a great Xmas present

Dear Adster & Bingo,
yesterday i watched all of your videos and i am absoloutelt delighted of it.. Strategies that if someone follows will make profits in the long run..

Hi Bingo and Adster

Thanks for all your hard work. Have been trying to listen/view the shorter vids at work (shh don’t tell anyone). Can’t wait to try some strategies out. I am hoping to pick up a few hints and tips from the vids.

Already seen the vids except the 6games one. They’re really good. Nice work there.

Thanks for that, all sorted now. Watched about half of the vids and they are great so far so nice one :)Kev

We’ve had plenty of interest regarding the vids, so looks like the Nugget Crew will go international in 2010 with the vids available in different languages. :0)

Onto other things, we have just bought a new site through freeola so over the next 2 weeks we will be looking to export the blog from WordPress and combine both the blog/site as one, as this is certainly the way forward as we’re expanding weekly now. The site will contain the blog, vids, chat room, training, forum etc, so exciting times!!!  Also looking to write some articles on the following:

A traders set up, as often get asked.

Money management. Important part of trading.

Bank sizes and staking when trading a game.

Well that’s about it. Stick with us, we will make you money, teach you how to be better traders and have a laugh occasionally too!

Enjoy your day.

Bingo & Adster

Update 1 Nov

Well today is d-day! We finally go live with our service, so no more freebies am afraid to day. We certainly offered many over the past 2 months with our live trading room.

Our service will run like this.

The chat on our other site will remain free to anyone to sit on the sidelines or get involved with chat. We’re a friendly, respectful bunch who share different ideas/strategies etc and any newcomers are more than welcome.

We will still update the bog here with various tips 3 or 4 times a week.

The webinars/private chat will only be open to members.

The videos will be complete by the end of next week and available to purchase. General feeling has been very positive for them. They will cover the below information, be available vis download/dvd and range from 7 minutes to 45 minutes.

A typical Saturday afternoon of trading 3pm games where a professional trader trades 5 simultaneous Premiership games. We talk you through reasons as to what we have done, why we have done it and the outcome with audio/updates from both traders.

We bring you a strategy with a strike rate of well over 75% where profit can be achieved inside 10 minutes of a game!

What does a trader look for before entering the markets? Watch how we show you from an in play coupon the aspects and angles to look for before choosing the correct match and then adding a strategy to that particular match.

Learn the importance of liquidity and why when it is not there in the market it’s best to leave well alone.

What happens when your initial trade goes against you? Watch a professional turn things round and yield a profit.

We instruct you on what to look for when scalping the correct score market and the best entry and exit points. You will see it done with clear explanations and captions.

For more information on our other site please use the contact page and we will email you out the details.

Many thanks.

Video Preview 19/10/09

On Sunday we gave a premiere viewing in the Webinar Suite of one offering from the Video Collection.

Here is a short preview of Scalping the Correct Score market

The full length version can be found in the Video Collection. For more details please contact us here

Update 15/10/09

Just a quick update regarding our videos which we are now about 75% done. The content is very impressive and will be available as either a download or as a dvd, the option is there for both. We are working all hours to edit, cut, add text, chop and change etc and am sure you’ll appreciate with 9 or more videos each ranging from 8 to 30 minutes there is quite a lot of hard work involved. We are trying to add as much as we can to make it a really good addition to the armoury of trading with various different strategies dependant on games.

We are keeping the product at a low price initially and that can be pre-ordered now. For more information please contact us via the contact page and we will get back to you quickly. Best get in at the introductory price now!

For more details on this offer please contact us

Many thanks.

Nugget Crew, 15/10/09


Doreen has become less obsessed with her new “look” and has managed to keep one hand free to tap away on the old abacus. So we now have a running update on the P/L for all the daily trades advised.

The figures are based on strategy/stakes used by the Nugget Crew themselves. They do not include profit gained through scalping. For these results please go here


The service is almost in full gear now and the feedback has been excellent, so many thanks. Many positive remarks from our trading friends out there.

We are taking pre-orders now for our video collection so if you want to be one of the first to get hold of this product please drop us a line. It will be consist of at least 3 hours of quality strategies with audio commentary from Bingo or I. Two choices of format, either as a DVD or as a download. Current negotiations are taking place with UK companies to market the product. :0)

That’s about it for now. Not much happening on the trading side for a couple of days with the under 20 international markets upon us.

We will be back soon.



10 Responses to “Video Collection Testimonials”

  1. Chaps

    I think thats a fabulous idea and to be honest i don’t think its fair for your trades to suffer while trying to help others in the room….as nice as you both are.

    For those that are serious about learning how to trade, if the £36 month is to high for some then a pay as you go method is a great idea and the fact that you are willing to offer a refund if it goes wrong….I’m sure people will be more than happy to join.

    I myself have learnt alot and am thoroughly enjoyng it all and hope to continue and i look forward to purchasing the footie videos too.

    Do you think it might be a good idea to alternate between yourselves who does the trading on the webinar and have just one of you focused on answering questions in the room than 2 of you talking at the same time ? Just a thought :0)


  2. Have been recommended your trading sessions by a friend – sound fantastic and looking forward to joining in!

  3. Hi guys,

    Bingo previously sent me a pdf detailing the proposed trade in full with exit points if the trade went against us, i feel this is the way to go as everyone will have the trade in advance, if there are any queries these can be resolved before the game starts.

  4. Hi Bingo/Adster,

    First up, a big thanks for your time and patience in helping us all out who are finding our feet in the trading world.

    I must admit i have wondered how you manage to keep up with all the questions that are fired at you whilst you are trying to trade yourselves. In view of this, will you be limiting the number of places in the live trading room so everyone will get a chance to ask questions? just a thought….

    Also, can you give me an idea of the pay-as-you-go fee you plan to charge?…for those of us using small stakes may need to up the ante a bit to cover the fee…thats all!

    Cheers guys


    • Hi guys/Stevie

      Thanks for the comments. Some of you have received an emailed reply from bingo on points you have raised/mentioned but I will answer Steve here. We will look to give out concise details of the trade of the day to subscribed members to the ‘pay for the day’ room with clear exit points etc which we will then trade live in the room. We will also look into running the Webinar side by side with the Paltalk chat room so as members you will be able to see both our trading screen plus the chat room. The idea being one of us will answer the questions whilst the other concentrates on the trade etc.

      The charge will be £9. Now for £9 you will get access to a ‘trade of the day’ and also the room will be open all day for trading other games, cricket, racing etc if anything is spotted by bingo, badger or myself.

      There is no limit for the number of participants to the room at the moment.

      Cheers mate.

      ads and bingo.

  5. Will you be publishing beforehand what game you intend to trade on a particular day? With a pay-as-you-go system, people may want to limit the number of paid sessions they attend and therefore may want to pick days that favour them (preferred teams, leagues, particular matches).

    • Hi Bodoh,

      Yes, we will be sending out emails the day before the trade of the day in the pay as you go room with danger points, exit points etc. We will be mainly looking at a game at the weekend involving either premier or championship, or possibly Scottish premier. We go live 3 October.

  6. Hi..

    how can I access the chat trading?


    • Hi and welcome to the site.

      You will need to download a free application called paltalk. Then look for a room called Racing Traders under the sports category. You will be more than welcome amongst a great bunch of guys. And we make money too!

  7. We now have another site with a chat room built into it. Free to access and nothing to download! Contact us for the address.


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